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Adventurer’s dream- Hawaii

If you are a fan of the TV series “Lost”, you are probably just as obsessed as me with visiting Hawaii! Lush Jungle, endless white sand beaches, and sky blue seas – doesn’t that sound like paradise? As you probably know already, I believe that you can be whoever you want to be and achieve whatever you wish for, as long as you put your mind and hard work to it. This time one of my wildest dreams to visit Hawaii came true! When I mentioned those beautiful Islands as a possible Honeymoon destination it didn’t take much to convince my now husband, and here we are, starting our Honeymoon in Kona, Big Island.


After 7 hours on a potentially broken plane (we were stopped on the runway before take-off whilst the mechanics were fixing it for an hour in LAX) we were here, Hawaii. If you expect someone to greet you with Leis on your arrival, prepare to be disappointed. This expectation created by hundreds of movies is just not real, they do offer a service, but you have to pre-book and it costs around £30 per person. However, once you step out of the plane, you can start enjoying beautiful warm weather immediately. There is no roof, no walls or security at Kona airport as Open Air buildings are very popular here.

We stayed at Uncle Billys hotel and I would not recommend it to you. Very outdated and smelly, oh and you have to pay extra for parking. However, we did not spend much time inside the hotel and went to explore the town. Rocky shoreline, hotels & restaurants that’s a perfect description of Kona. After walking along the shoreline for a while my Husband and I decided to spend the evening at ‘On the rocks’ and oh boy that was a great decision. Traditional fish tacos, happy hour cocktails, live music and Hawaiian Hula while watching the sunset, could not ask for a more Hawaiian experience.

Woken up by a confused body clock at 6 o’clock followed by an “OK-ish” breakfast with water that tasted like it contained more chlorine than the pool – we took off to the beach. Didn’t research much, just pointed to the one that looked nice and close to Kona and we ended up in something very different, not a beach but a fish trap! The old remains of Aiopo Fish trap. An opening in the trap to the sea enabled fish to enter, and the walled sections of the trap allowed fish to be stored until needed. Now, however, this is a perfect hiding spot for turtles. There are loads of them here and it is a perfect place to get your snorkelling gear out to have a closer look. There is also a big sandy beach but note that regular swimming will not be possible, it is not deep at all and the whole bottom of the trap is covered in slippery lava rock.


Old Kona Airport State Recreation Park is another great and unusual place to visit. Once an airport, now a massive parking lot next to the beautiful mix of sandy and rocky beach. Perfect place to have a picnic or even a BBQ (Tables and BBQs provided).


Our 2 days in Kona were over in a blink of an eye and it was time to get on the road and explore the mountains, volcanoes, and rainforests of this mysterious island…



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