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All roads lead to Rome

Recently I got a chance to visit one of my favorite cities for the second time. I love Roman food, traditions, history, churches and the fact that you can walk along the tiny cobbled corner to find Trevi fountain, Spanish steps or some palace that you once saw in your year 7 history book.

Choosing a place to stay in Rome can seem pretty tricky at first. Prices vary a lot -staying a bit further from the city center is much cheaper as well as the area around the main rail station. We have decided to stay in a little boutique hotel a bit further from the city center, but only about 5-10 min walk from Vatican City. Casa Mia Vaticano is a little cozy hotel run by a family (well at least it looks like it). It is a perfect place to stay if you do not want to splurge on the room – you definitely don’t want to spend too much time in a hotel when you are in the marvelous city of Rome. Although, if you are not a big fan of waking you might have to take few Uber rides.

Two days are simply not enough to see everything, but you can definitely get the feel of this stunning city.I have created a little ittinerary to help you see my favourite places on your trip to Rome.

Day 1

I would suggest seeing Vatican Museum & Sistine Chapel first, as it is a bit further from all the other points of interest as well as it is very a popular location for tourists. You should arrive early in the morning to avoid queues and crowds. Do not buy tickets from a ticket dealer, cheapest tickets(20 Euros per person) can be found on the official website-


After enjoying lovely Vatican you can walk to Castel Sant’Angelo– beautiful castle built in 123-139 AD by Roman Emperor Hadrian. Besides it being the first symbol of Rome’s imperial power it also offers great views of the whole city as well as Vatican.

Just straight after crossing a magnificent bridge over Fiume Tevere you will find yourself at Piazza Navona. –Perfect place for lunch with spectacular views.

Once your stomach is full of delicious Italian food , head towards Pantheon– a former Roman temple which is now a church. The entrance Is free, but you might have to queue a little to get in.

Trevi Fountain is only 10 minutes walk away and is probably the most stunning fountain I have ever seen. I would recommend grabbing  gelato and spend some time enjoying this 16.3-meter high beauty.


Indulging Italian food can add quite a few extra calories to your regular daily intake- walking up Spanish steps is a great workout and it is only 8 minutes away.

If you are done sightseeing for the day Spagna metro station is just on the top of the stairs.

Day 2

Your feet must be quite tired after day one, but nothing can energize you more that a shot of Italian espresso. Once you are ready to start your day 2 of Rome adventure, you should start with Piazza Venezia. First time I have visited this place I couldn’t take my eyes of Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele II

this building is so glorious and powerful. I was so impressed with this building, that my fiancé decided to find out more about the building and to my disappointment, he found out that it was built in 1925!!! I was definitely tricked there, but the place is still worth seeing.

Coliseum and Forum are two places which I have looked around, but never had enough time to go inside – one more reason to come back to one of my favorite European cities…

Dinner & Drinks

You could enjoy dinner in the center of the town with all the tourists or you could go to Trastevere and see where the locals are going out. Depending on where you are staying you might have to take an uber to get there, but it is absolutely worth it, at least for one night. Lively bars and restaurants can be found here, but if you would like to grab a dinner, reservation is recommended – it gets very busy here on the weekends. Grazia and Graziella seem to be very popular for local young adults, a restaurant offers delicious food and great service, but for me, it was just not Italian enough, I felt like I am back in Shoreditch.

Top Tips

  • Do not order Latte,  Latte in Italian means milk so you will end up with a glass of warm milk.
  • Most of the museums are closed on Sundays.
  • Don’t be surprised or scared of soldiers with weapons all around the city- Rome has created a high security zone around city’s most famous locations and some rail stations after the threats from ISIS.


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