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Ever since I saw Gucci Dionysus handbag, I fell in love with it. However, there was no way I was willing to spend almost two thousand pounds for a bag which can’t even hold my notebook in it. I am a practical girl and normally like big totes so I can carry my notebook, makeup bag, camera and sometimes even my MacBook air.

A few months ago I have seeing more and more bloggers speaking about and all the reviews were great. This site sells real leather, good quality designer dupes. Dupes, not replicas- bags are not identical, just inspired and have no logos on them. After watching a lot of youtube reviews I have decided to go ahead and purchase Tiger Bag Black. The bag itself was 79.95 Euros, however, the company is based in Netherlands and overall with shipping the total cost was around £80.

Later that week, while still waiting for my bag from fashiondrug, I was browsing eBay and another dupe came up in a recommended section. I was surprised as I wasn’t able to find it before and the price was surprisingly low- £16.89 & free shipping (you can find the bag here). I was very curious to see if the bags will be any different & if I just wasted my money  on a bag from

Below is the comparison of them both. Fasiondrug- Black, eBay- Brown.

Shipping – shipping took 5 days & I was able to see the exact day when my bag will be delivered. The bag was packed in a big cardboard box, free dustbag & fashion drug tote were also included. – surprisingly shipping only took 4 days, but the parcel was not trackable. Came in a simple postbag.

Material – Made of real leather & suede combination. – PU leather & suede combination.


Stitching on both of the bags is pretty good, however, eBay bag has some uneven stitching inside the bag.

Gucci Dianosys Dupes

Hardware – The chain is quite light, but seems to be quite good quality. Other hardware is also very good quality & the metal parts are screwed into the bag. – Very cheap chain & the metal parts are glued to the bag.

Guccy Dianosys Dupes

Shape & Size

Fashiondrug bag is slightly bigger but surprisingly lighter.

Guccy Dianosys Dupes


If you are looking for a bag that you can wear every single day, I would recommend getting it from, however, if you like to switch up your bags & want to have them in several colours e-bay is a great alternative. Both bags look great & I am wearing them both all the time.


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