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Los Angeles

Every single time I take this 11-hour flight from London to Los Angeles I feel super excited thinking about my adventures in my favourite city. This means I can not sleep on this flight, but I do not mind it, I love watching new movies on the in-flight entertainment system and edit my Instagram photos while enjoying several glasses of JD and coke.

Picking up your car from Alamo is always super exciting, you pay for your chosen car type and then get to pick which exact one you want at the pickup point. We went for a midsize SUV and chosen a beautiful white Jeep ( Another thing I love about the states-big cars)

We have stayed in a beautiful room in the beach house on Venice beach – the house looks super cute, like something you see in the movies and the location was amazing too. AirBNB is one of my favourite way to travel, you get to see cities through the eyes of the locals and meet some awesome people.

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Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Here are some awesome places to Eat:

The Flake– Great choice of healthy(and not so healthy ) and very ‘instagramable’ breakfasts.

Fig Tree’s Café– Great place if you want to enjoy your meal and do some people watching on Venice Beach Boardwalk. Also, they offer 30% discount for breakfast before 9am.

Awesome things to do:

Bike Ride: You can rent out bikes on Venice Beach (We were lucky enough because our Airbnb hosts offered us free bikes) and ride all the way through Santa Monica beach, under the pier towards Malibu and back. With all the yoga classes, personal trainer sessions on the beach it is not just the amazing scenery that will keep your eyes busy. I would recommend you have this bike ride early in the morning, as it does get a little bit crowded later on.

Surfing: It was my first time trying out surfing and to be honest it was probably one of the hardest physical activities I have ever done. I was sweaty and tired before even getting into the water – the beach looks so much longer when you carry a massive surfboard on top of your head. Nevertheless, I had a great time and I would recommend anyone having some time in Venice to try it out. We went with Kapowui who offer private lessons, the instructor was really helpful and not pushy.

Hiking: There are loads of hiking trails in LA, but if you have limited time and want to get that LA feel, I recommend doing Runyon Canyon trail, this 1,5 miles track offers great scenery of Hollywood Hills, downtown Hollywood and the Capitol Records building.


Places to Stay:

Viceroy Santa Monica: Staying here will cost you anything from 400 to 1500 a night, but if you like luxury and don’t mind to splurge it is a perfect place to stay. The hotel is very modern, with super pretty pool and it is not directly on the beach so you will not see crowds of people outside your window.

Airbnb: We have stayed at Austin and Nikis for two nights and absolutely loved it, of course it is not a 5 start hotel, but instead you get the feel of the local lifestyle.

AVOID: SUMESUN Venice Beach Hostel: the place is in a great location, but that is all about it. Rooms are super hot and the fans just don’t do anything, there is also no rules or quiet times, so you are most likely going to be listening to someone Skype calls home at 3 am in the morning. I could forgive this, but it does cost a lot to stay there and you don’t get much for your money, you will be much better off just finding a room via Airbnb.

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