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South Point Hawaii

Road trip to the southernmost point of USA

Those couple of days in Kona flew by and it was time to get on the road and start exploring the Big Island of Hawaii. Packed our bags, said goodbye to our not so pretty hotel room and left for the adventure.

We were passing little towns while the wind was gently tangling my hair and cheeky sunrays kept blinding me by finding their way through the corners of my trendy, but not so practical sunglasses. I felt like I was an actress playing a role in an independent movie, surrounded by old style Hawaiian houses, mountains and endless beaches.

First stop -Captain Cook

A monument for a British explorer who has been killed by the locals after he tried to take the King of Hawaii by force. Unfortunately, you will not be able to see the statue from up-close unless you feel adventurous enough to rent a kayak or take a big mountain hike. We had a long way ahead of us and decided a view from up far will be enough. However, the monument is not the only attraction here. The bay is known for dolphin sightings, so if you happen to be in an area early in the morning(that’s when dolphins are most likely to be at the bay) then you should rent a kayak or go snorkel in the hope of spotting one of those beautiful sea creatures. There is also a beautiful beach park nearby – Napoopoo park where you can get some tan or snorkel. We got into a water not expecting much but were pleasantly surprised. Water was very clear and the conditions were perfect for snorkelling. I loved it so much, just thinking about it right now gives me Goosebumps from excitement.


South Point

One hour drive from the captain cook monument there is another interesting place to see – the most southernmost point of USA. It is a fantastic place to get away from more crowded areas of the Big Island and experience the vast beauty and power of the ocean. Also, if you are a thrill seeker you can jump of 40 feet cliff and get back up via built-in metal ladder. Of course, I am a bit of a coward when it comes to heights, so the beautiful views of the cliffs were enough for me.





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