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Scrumpies of Mayfair – Best Christmas Present for Her

I can not believe it is already the middle of November, which means it is time to start Christmas shopping. You might think it is a bit early, but I prefer to start early to have enough time to find the best presents for the loved ones.

Recently, I have been pleasantly surprised with a parcel from Scrumpies of Mayfair. I opened the parcel and saw the most beautiful pair of knickers I have ever seen, it was like Christmas came early to my home.

Scrumpies of Mayfair makes luxurious knickers that look like a piece of art and every single pair has its own personality.

Gala  Free spirited, party loving Gala girl has an infectious laugh and a mischievous twinkle in her eye.

Garden Royal  Romantic and gentle, our Garden Royale girl sees the beauty in life and nature. Loved by all, she can always be trusted.

Cherry Cox  Bursting with sexual energy, our Cherry Cox girl thinks life is about glamour, her life should always contain that little extra sparkle.

Northern Lights – In touch with herself and others, our Northern Lights girl is mystical. She believes there are more things in heaven and earth…

Golden Delicious – Fizzing with positive energy, fun loving Golden Delicious believes in treating herself and her friends to life’s little luxuries.

Candy Crisp – Unapologetically feminine with a relentless sweet-tooth, our Candy Crisp girl loves to play all manner of fun games and tricks.

Pink Lady – Brimming full of playful energy, our Pink Lady is quietly confident and open-minded to new experiences.

Honey Crunch – Our feisty Honey Crunch girl doesn’t suffer fools gladly. Always the first to dive in, she is the at the center of the action.


As most of you already know, I have recently developed an obsession with colour red so it will be no surprise to everyone that I have chosen Cherry Cox. I am not going to lie I also see a little of myself in Cherry Cox personality too…

Knickers come in a beautiful and very luxurious jewellery style box- perfect for a gift. Every box contains luxurious, high-quality pair of knickers and an exclusive scrumpies charm jewelled with sparkling check crystals. Underwear is made of soft satin fabric which feels very smooth against my skin, allows perfect fit around my curves and is very comfortable.

I am very happy to be one of the scrumpies girls and I am already eyeing out a second pair. I can easily see myself getting a bit addicted, as I want them all!

Now you can be a Scrumpies Girl too! I have been sent 2 Cherry Cox boxes in size L, therefore I would like to gift one of them to one of my lucky subscribers! All you need to do is follow Scrumpies on Instagram, follow me on Instagram, Facebook and comment on my scrumpies Instagram post letting me know that you would like to enter the giveaway. Winner will be announced on the 2nd of December.

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